Bowling shoes by Steelground

Special bowling shoes are required to play and Steelground offers its collection.

You can not wear your favorite sneakers or anything else. You will need to own or rent these shoes. Having the right kind of shoe suited to different types of approaches is almost as important as having the right bowling ball fitting the particular track conditions.

That's why we offer a collection of shoes for men and women specially designed for your passion "Bowling"

A little history

The beginning of bowling dates back to around 3200 BC, in 1930 Sir Flinder Petrie, a British Egyptologist, discovered in Nagada, Egypt, in the tomb of a child 3 round stones and 9 conical keels carved in stone and some in marble. This is the oldest bowling game discovered.
When William Pehle, a German historian, says that a form of bowling began in Germany around the fourth century.
And in 1366, the King of England Edward III had forbidden his troops to play a game of bowling to force them to concentrate in training in archery.
This game of bowling went through the centuries, leaving some traces here and there.

The word "bowling" of "to bowl" meaning "roll" or "throw" appeared for the first time in the archives of the city of Jamestown, Virginia, in 1611.
The first German, Dutch and English settlers imported their game and rules into America. Bowling is quickly developed in the United States and has become a very popular game. "Knickerbocker alleys" was the first covered bowling alley in the United States, built in 1840. Its tracks were made of baked clay and the 9 pins arranged in diamond.
But in 1841 a law made any nine-pin bowling illegal, probably because bowling had become a gambling game. Today's bowling is officially born when people have bypassed this law by adding a 10th keel and placing them in a triangle instead of a diamond.
The competition organization was impossible at the time as the bowling rules differed from one region to another, which is why the American Bowling Congress (ABC) was created on September 9, 1895 to establish common rules, concerning the game and the material.
The A.B.C (under the name of the USBC) still governs bowling in the world today, any new material or technical innovation must be approved by this organization before being used by players around the world.
A.B.C organized the first championship in 1901 in Chicago. And in 1913, Nicolas Duperrex made for the first time a perfect match (300 points, 12 strikes).

Today bowling, both an entertainment and a high-level sport, is practiced by more than 150 million people in more than 100 countries around the world. Sport has a long and fascinating past as well as good growth prospects around the world.